We were born in a basket of Vesuvio apricots. We were born among the stones of a Nebbiolo grape row - they found us, in Pachino, under a tomato plant.

They say things, about Gourmet Italy: that we've trained as managers at the best players in the business, or at Universities dealing with taste; some say we gathered together as an excellence team. We'll tell you the truth: we were shaped, as we are, by a bronze pasta die.


Hearty as the sense of family that a Sunday lunch can have, distiguished as the cocoa tone exhudating out of the baroque boutiques in Torino: we are fresh, the scythed grass you feel in a pecorino cheese from Abruzzo, sparkling and generous as a craft beer.

We believe in a luxury made of small things, in the value of perception, of knowing how much living an experience between smell and heart is worth: as Italians we believe for our gastronomic heritage to be not only the carrier of an important perceptive value, but as well the document best able to tell the tale of the roots we all share.

Excellences, are the result of our evolution: the historical sum of a continuous adjustment. The brilliant work of men and women invented tradition, by modeling natural resources with aesthetic sensitivity...

Ritroviamo così in un Parmigiano di montagna, in un vino biodinamico, in una variazione di ricetta regionale il motivo per cui ci piace pensarci Italiani.

We hope to be able to bring you scents you had forgotten, fields and hands you don't know yet, people of tomorrow and today; we wish to make available a time-transcending Quality to everyone willing to embrace it. We want to make reachable, at hand, the most authentic identity we have.




The Gourmet Italy Team
Italian Food Lovers