A free and absolute Quality


We firmly believe there is a lot of speculation, nowadays, on the concept of quality; especially in the food scene. Way too often the term is abused, up to the losing of its most genuine meaning: at Gourmet Italy we work to offer you products soaring above the general and blurred commercial "high-end" labels. Each of the items we carry has a lively nature, and has been selected for peculiar historical and sensory features which mark its authenticity.

Tradition (is) innovation


We love our history. And for this reason, we cannot forget how each tradition was once a well successful innovation: tomatoes on our spaghetti arrived in Italy only in the XVI century, and look at'em now - thanks to the bravery of some talented experimenter. We feel close to whom might want to propose clever innovations in gastronomy, as much as we do to whom may produce following centennial furrows. We believe in the continuity of history, and that each thing is necessarily born on the basis of a time-long heritage: following the spark of quality, we want to be an active player in the birth of traditions of the future.


Your satisfaction is our daily bread


We feed. Taste. Savour. What we like the most, we make it available to you on Gourmet. We know that, if there is something more satisfying than an excellent meal, then that thing is an excellent meal enjoyed in ideal conditions: a riveting location, impeccable service, surrounded by people you love. Maybe some music, great music. And that moment in time where setbacks are away. We extended this concept of holistic satisfaction to the whole Gourmet activity: by trying to provide a detail-conscious service, from products to logistics partners, from customer care to packaging. Because we feed. On delicious things. Among which, the tastiest is your very satisfaction. 


Let's talk about it.


Conviviality. Table laid, bread being broken, laughter. We believe in food as a moment of meeting and free sharing, object able to reunite us without barrier, at a level of pure humanity. We conceive conviviality in the spirit of latin convivium, a place where ideas travel through the act of feeding: we wish we'd talk with each of you in front of a good glass... While we wait for it to happen, write us for comments, advise, problems, appraisals. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest: should another way in which you'd like to contact us sweep across your mind, don't waver over letting us know!


I see it in your eyes!


If you saw us, as we work, you'd notice it clearly: Gourmet's best ingredient is passion.We learned it from the true protagonists of this community: the artisans creating our products. Dedication, devotion to the cause of gastronomic excellence have been passed on to us from each one of them; from who chose to set the sometimes onerous mission of quality above the temptations of easy mass retail. We thank them one by one with our deepest esteem, and we hope the may notice in Gourmet Italy an even microscopic sign of sincere gratitude.


We know, we have perhaps dwelled a bit too long: if you are still reading, we hope our words were worth your time. If you found our ideas interesting, if we convinced you, made you think, just made you curious; join Gourmet Italy now: from lovers, to lovers, Italian Food Identity.




The 'Gourmet Italy' Team