Di Ciaccio, Girandole, 120gr.


Simple, genuine tastes, as Proust madeleines: Di Ciaccio's Girandole are milk cookies of the most classic kind, at the same time crumbly and 'biteable'; with that irresistible allure of handmade care - and of childhood afternoons, too. 


Do you recall the scent of freshly-baked sweets? Do you know what passion, tradition, a craft passed on through generation mean? Do you know that confectionery and pastry making, childhood and love are linked together by an ephemerous, soft trait? To better introduce this company, let you better understand what we mean by these words, we prefer to leave you to the words of the owner:

"I was born, I live and I work in Gaeta, land of fishermen and peasants, on the southern border of Lazio - at the gateway to Campania. 

I learned confectionery from my grandfather as a child, then my father passed on to me  profession, method, and the cookbooks: both his own, and granddad's. The Specialties I have the luck and pride to prepare everyday are the absolutely faithful presentation of my father Cosmo, his father Giovanni's recipes. 

Be they cakes, biscuits or pastries, what I make is always intended to maintain the genuinity of tastes and ingredients: every time I knead and bake I close my eyes, inhale the scent, go back to my childhood.

What I produce is the hybrid fruit of a frontier land with its feet in the sea and its head lying among the fields in central Lazio; if it caresses Vesuvio with its right hand, the left almost touches the hills around Roma: all of this lets me bring together various flavours, rich in nuances, strongly evocative: mix of spices like arabesques, orange blossom water, craft-made essences, true eggs, the rich butter from our meadows are some of the ingredients making what I produce sincere, captivating, worth of memory."