• Tavoletta di Cioccolato Fondente 75% "9", Amedei, 50gr.

    Tavoletta di Cioccolato Fondente 75% "9", Amedei, 50gr.

    The magic number

    From top raw materials a top chocolate is born. The magic number 9 represents the 9 different cocoa plants coming together in this blend which have been rediscovered, cared for, and put back in to production throughout the years. They’re made into a balanced, extra bitter treat, with a scent unmistakably original.

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    Sensory Features

    Scent: Fresh scent of raw cocoa and hot chocolate. It's an enveloping and full blend, scented with hints of exotic woods and underbrush.

    Taste: A clear snap, slightly acidic when scents evolve into marks of citrus and toasted sweet almond. Long lasting, it leaves the palate in a state of satisfaction and harmony.