• Tavoletta Toscano Black 63%, Amedei, 50gr.

    Tavoletta Toscano Black 63%, Amedei, 50gr.

    An award-winning Bitter.

    This extraordinary chocolate has been awarded the ‘Golden Bean’ by the London Academy of Chocolate. It’s made from a blend of Trinitario and Criollo cocoas that come together as a beautifully emotional blend. The 63% blend of these raw materials are so neat and palate-cleansing that you won’t have any issue eating more than one!


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    Sensory Features

    Scent: Intense Mediterranean scrub, floral honey, wood-oven baked bread, moist tobacco, caramelized green tomatoes.


    Taste: Crunchy snap, rich mouthfeel, which reminds of hot chocolate. Palate-rinsing and balanced, it's a floral, full, creamy chocolate.