Barley BBEvò

Chronicles of an Impossible Pairing.

This beer once saved my life. I was an important lunch and I had to pair a drink to goat milk curd ravioli with artichokes - virtually impossible! After denying all wine and many beers, she was finally found. Her Nasco grapes wort, a body robust (yet soft) matched to perfection. Try and believe!

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What's Terroir? It's a geographic place, a technical place, a space of the Soul. It's the humus making ingredients, plants, cereals, vine spring: but it also is a culture, the craftsmanship of people manipulating raw materials, the conjunction of all concrete and abstract elements concurring to the creation of a product. Is this concept applicable to Beer, whose key ingredients, barley and hops, are often originated far from the territory where they're finally processed to become beverage? Gourmet Italy thinks for the answer to this to be Yes. The Barley Brewery, located in Maracalagonis (CA), carries in its creation a strongly sardinian sensory footprint: hops and malts, knowledgeably chosen by the owner and brewer Nicola Perra, meet local ingredients (indigenous grapes, honey, fruit) to propose a culture of making and drinking deeply rooted in the generous and wild spirit of the Island.

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Tasting notes.

Nicola Perra's experiment #2 in the field of beers added with indigenous Sardinian grapes, BBEvò gifted him in 2010 the 'Brewer of the Year' award. Neatly orange, slightly more carbonated than a classic barley wine, this 10% ABV shows a rare effervescent viscosity of liquor. Nasco grapes aromatic imprinting is clearly perceptible, and goes with hints of almond, light citrus, toffee. The full and continuously evolving palate releases with every sip new impressions, impossible to ignore.