Barley Sella del Diavolo, 75cl


Extreme sensual charge for this 6,5% ABV red ale. Sexy from color to scent, up to the end of the last sip, Sella del Diavolo is an excellent companion for some true moments of intimacy: such as, for instance, when you are alone with your pit-aged pecorinos.


What's Terroir? It's a geographic place, a technical place, a space of the Soul. It's the humus making ingredients, plants, cereals, vine spring: but it also is a culture, the craftsmanship of people manipulating raw materials, the conjunction of all concrete and abstract elements concurring to the creation of a product. Is this concept applicable to Beer, whose key ingredients, barley and hops, are often originated far from the territory where they're finally processed to become beverage? Gourmet Italy thinks for the answer to this to be Yes. The Barley Brewery, located in Maracalagonis (CA), carries in its creation a strongly sardinian sensory footprint: hops and malts, knowledgeably chosen by the owner and brewer Nicola Perra, meet local ingredients (indigenous grapes, honey, fruit) to propose a culture of making and drinking deeply rooted in the generous and wild spirit of the Island.

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Tasting notes.


Amber/brick in color, topped with a thin yet persistan ivory-hued foam. Nose is featured with a plum and red berries background, above which a faceting of butter, biscuit and roasted feelings stands out. These notes emerge also in the retrolfactive phase, completed at the palate with a hopping light enough to carry out its lightly bittering, refreshing functions. A beer inspired with a sweetness which never gets saturating, together masculine and feminine, ideal to match middle-maturation cheeses and dried almond-based pastry.