Montegioco Quarta Runa, 75cl.

Precious Peaches

A product of brewing mastery! Flowery, summery, sweet-scented, Quarta Runa comes to the senses dominated by a powerful, ripe, yellow peach, and wheat, to which mineral notes and distant echoes of cellar add up. The usage of Volpedo peaches during boil is neatly perceivable and gives the beer a balance between fruit and a slight sourness which is hard to forget.

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Ask Riccardo Franzosi, owner and brewer at Montegioco, what his beers are: he'll answer "La Nicchia"... "The Niche", with a deep and rascaly look, between irony and faith. La Nicchia is the market: of small productions. Montegioco wants to do things in the right way, doesn't after all care about growing in mumbers... much at all! La Nicchia is Home. The soft hills pointing thought Valli Tortonesi are a generous habitat of agriculture and people, of pork and salami and Timorasso and barbera and grumpy autumns. La Nicchia is a mentality - a taste for the perfect product, it's style, it's the hand of the brewer impressing - recognizable as a fingerprint - on each of the still very different bottles; it's the will to be excellent. La Nicchia is not élite, though: it is an hospitable, warm, welcoming place; it's a funny froth and sensory refinement, of the kind not denying access to anyone willing to approach. These are Montegioco beers, this the land where they are born, this the pleasant spirit of who them produces.