Paul Bricius Special Grape Ale, 0,75L

A Nero d'Avola beer.

A 7,5% ABV which accounts for two thitrds to Marris Otter malts, for the remaining to a local Nero d'Avola wort: a continuum in the Paul Bricius tradition, which has made out of extreme quality (barley farmed and malted by the company, direct-flame craft built brewing plant) a philosophy.


Vittoria, in the Ragusa province: a city situated on the southernmost point of the Island embodying the South itself, and all of it. There, on the Mediterranean which almost faces Maghreb (but is invaded: with Norman dominations, with baroque and Gattopardos) four friends decided in 2004 to enter the way of craft brewing.

Ahead of times compared to the Sicilian scenario - but also to the explosion of quality beer trends in Italy, in its entirety - Paul Bricius was born: co-managed by founders Licitra, Traina, Trainito and Carrubba, who still personally work their british-inspired creations with a small, direct-flame-ignited, self-built 15HL plant.

Regulating temperatures and production steps on such devices is huge work of patience and madness: still, at Paul Bricius "this is the meaning istelf of craft method, reducing to the minimum the relevance of instruments to underline the importance of Man: his intelligence, his skills, both in thinking and finally producing beer." (excerpt from

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Tasting notes.


Intriguing grape notes for this 'hybrid' beer, composed by a third of Nero d'Avola wort stirred in the brew during fermentation. A stimulating carbonation, thin and dangerously drinkable body, pungent and elegant nose. It reveals to the palate a lavish softness made lively both by a slight brett and the natural acidity of the grapes: hints of peaches and yellow fruits are balanced with light animal scents,of leather, walnut and wood. As it cleanses the palate, it matches perfectly beef and game, boiled or stewed; really interesting with long-cooking braised meats or hearty tomato-based primi piatti.