Paul Bricius Dark Strong Ale, 0,75L

Sweet Sweetblack

Once again banned between Belgium and Britain, this 7% ABV Paul Bricius might be defined as a Belgian stout. It borrows from Irish kins a frothy and persistent foam, as well as roasted and root-like aromas, which come together with a typical Belgian yeasty texture - far away from any Celtic wateriness.


Vittoria, in the Ragusa province: a city situated on the southernmost point of the Island embodying the South itself, and all of it. There, on the Mediterranean which almost faces Maghreb (but is invaded: with Norman dominations, with baroque and Gattopardos) four friends decided in 2004 to enter the way of craft brewing.

Ahead of times compared to the Sicilian scenario - but also to the explosion of quality beer trends in Italy, in its entirety - Paul Bricius was born: co-managed by founders Licitra, Traina, Trainito and Carrubba, who still personally work their british-inspired creations with a small, direct-flame-ignited, self-built 15HL plant.

Regulating temperatures and production steps on such devices is huge work of patience and madness: still, at Paul Bricius "this is the meaning istelf of craft method, reducing to the minimum the relevance of instruments to underline the importance of Man: his intelligence, his skills, both in thinking and finally producing beer." (excerpt from

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Almost black in color with lightening nuances of ruby, it is featured with a persistant cappuccino-hued froth. The aromatic structure is based on empyrheumatic sensations (roasted grains, coffee) and softened by a belgian yeasting which adds secondary sensations of cocoa butter, licorice, somewhat distant berries. The finish stays dry, coming back to more declarate UK inspirations, lightly bitter it recalls the drinking without ever getting cloying: match it, traditionally, with oysters and seafood; nuts, ammoniated cheeses (taleggio, camembert), wild herbs, or with a cube of bitter chocolate.