"A cundìr l'insalèda a gh vól quàter amm: un giudiziós ch'al sèla, un strusciòun ch'al gh màtta l'òli, un avèr ch'al gh màtta l'asê e un mat ch'al màsda..."

"It takes four men to season a salad: a wiseman to salt it, a lavish to add oil, some tacky one for vinegar and a madman to stir it up..."

It's an old proverb from the Modena area: and it smells like Balsamico vinegar, full-bodied perfume, centuries-old maturations. Be sparing with our vinegars: one drop will be enough, to get where pleasure lives. With our extra-virgins feel free to be liberal, instead... We chose them one by one, living, pungent, robust or delicate; we chose for you to use them: our oils come from small productions, indigenous varieties, accurate processes. We like the scent one can find in an oil mill, soffritto, ribollita, raw oil, marinades, panzanella we love. We chose carefully because, as Italians, we hold extra-virgins dear; with gratefulness...


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