Bonini Tradizionale di Modena 'Affinato' Balsamic Vinegar, 100ml

DOP Traditional Balsamico, 12 years

Created in full compliance with the productive regulations of Modena Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Consortium, Bonini’s balsamic vinegar rests in cherry, chestnut, and oak woods for at least 12 years. This product goes beyond the minimum standards for the pure sake of excellence.


Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena Vinegar surely is one of the best known and most sponsored Italian excellences: the production regulations, really strict, impose for the DOP-branded vinegars to be labeled exclusively as "Affinato" (matured in wood for at least 12 years) and "Extra-vecchio" (25 years). While guaranteeing minimum standards of quality, this system makes the efforts of producers engaging with longer maturations and more evolved sensory spectrums useless: Bonini cellars, born from the passion of Fabio and Orazio, decided to bypass this obstacle by still producing Balsamico Tradizionale in the two allowed agings; and labeling all the personal experiments about non-allowed maturations as Condimento Balsamico - that is by facing, for the pure love of excellence, all the market prejudices who belong in the set of a non-DOP certified product (even if produced with the exactly same process, raw materials, a care in aging longer in time).