• Bonini 5 years Balsamic Condiment, 250ml

    Bonini 5 years Balsamic Condiment, 250ml

    A good-hearted Youngster.

    Produced with pure, sugary-white Trebbiano grapes, this balsamic is labeled as a ‘condiment’ because it’s kept in wood for only 5 years. This keeps it fresh and light bodied, making it ideal to be used when preparing a cake or making a salad.


    Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena Vinegar surely is one of the best known and most sponsored Italian excellences: the production regulations, really strict, impose for the DOP-branded vinegars to be labeled exclusively as "Affinato" (matured in wood for at least 12 years) and "Extra-vecchio" (25 years). While guaranteeing minimum standards of quality, this system makes the efforts of producers engaging with longer maturations and more evolved sensory spectrums useless: Bonini cellars, born from the passion of Fabio and Orazio, decided to bypass this obstacle by still producing Balsamico Tradizionale in the two allowed agings; and labeling all the personal experiments about non-allowed maturations as Condimento Balsamico - that is by facing, for the pure love of excellence, all the market prejudices who belong in the set of a non-DOP certified product (even if produced with the exactly same process, raw materials, a care in aging longer in time).