• Pianogrillo Particella 34, 0,25L

    Pianogrillo Particella 34, 0,25L

    Eldorado, Sicily

    Particella34 is Pianogrillo’s grand cru. Organically grown Tonda Iblea olives from Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily are hand-picked and then crushed to make an oil balanced between bitterness and green notes of artichoke and tomato.


    Being able to imagine colours, wind and heat of a land is, often, way more eloquent than a technicality whasoever, more than words themselves: to let you understand what Pianogrillo is, a timeless island in the South of the deepest South; we'll leave you to the words of who inhabits and rules that very land.

    "The house has been lying on the Pianogrillo hill for centuries. Reclining among cypresses and arabic olive groves, it looks upon the green Acate plan, in the heart of the ancient county of Modica and Chiaramonte. It was during the middle ages a look-out turret against Saracen invaders then changed, during the year 1700, into a Ragusa-style baroque villa.

    Pianogrillo still is a home to ancient lava rock grindstones dating back to the II Century a.C.;  close to the contemporary milling plant one still breathes the atmosphere of a paleochristian necropolis. It was feud to the barons of Pianogrillo and Grassura, whose descendants still manage and own the mill and the land. Here among the olives wild oreganon and asparagus grow. In the cracks of dry-stone walls, enormous capers flourish. Lemons, oranges, almonds and prickly pears complete the landscape, together with magnificent cypresses and carobs.Seventy hectares of land in an entire body lie at the foot of the Ibleo plateau, nine thousand olive trees are soaked in the silent flowing of the winds flowing towards the african blue sea around the greek city of Kamarina."