Gentile, Spaghettoni, 500gr.

Spaghetti? They got Soul.

It is not easy to know the point of cooking, that moment when soul (the "core" inside spaghetti) is ready to eat: Gentile's spaghettoni will help in finding that. Bronze-cast and dessicated in static chambers to grant ideal cooking, they embody an idea of pasta together rustic and noble; resilient and elegant, Universally excellent.

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What did make Gragnano the World Capital for "maccheroni", when in the XVII century the once-flourishing industry of silk suddenly ceased to exist? Surely its position, right in the middle of the so-called "valley of mills" (30 no longer working water structures); its warm wind - perfect for dessication, the availability of local high-quality durum wheats: after more than 300 years, it seems time stood still for Pastificio Gentile.

Far from the wild massification, from the struggle for the often out-of-control technological expansion strongly conditioning the field of industrial pastas, this small company creates its whole range starting with indigenous "Saragolla" wheats bought only from two selected farms; milled in a plant owned by the Company, at times handcrafted and dried in "Cirillo" method static chambers... Slowly, at low temperatures. The result is a hearty, compact, pasta to bite; whose rough surface seduces sauces and palates - telling, succesfully, History and cultural richness of a naturally vocated area.

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Al Dente. A locution characterizing Italian identity, in the way we think pasta, in the way we are seen by foreigners. Spaghetti. The most classic of formats, leitmotiv to a neverending serie of iconographic and filmographic cases. Spaghetti Al Dente: an ideal, an ambition, a common place, often a mirage. It's hard to know that moment of optimum, when the elastic pasta strip bends and finally crisply snaps under a bite.