Gentile's Orecchiette Napoletane, 500gr.


Let's take for granted the absolute quality of all Gentile products, their selected semolina’s, and water from Monti Lattari. Let's imagine not to care for the attentive productive process or about the desiccation in static metodo Cirillo chambers. Done? OK. Now look at this format, closely. For the sake alone of how it would stimulate your culinary creativity; wouldn't you try it?

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What did make Gragnano the World Capital for "maccheroni", when in the XVII century the once-flourishing industry of silk suddenly ceased to exist? Surely its position, right in the middle of the so-called "valley of mills" (30 no longer working water structures); its warm wind - perfect for dessication, the availability of local high-quality durum wheats: after more than 300 years, it seems time stood still for Pastificio Gentile.

Far from the wild massification, from the struggle for the often out-of-control technological expansion strongly conditioning the field of industrial pastas, this small company creates its whole range starting with indigenous "Saragolla" wheats bought only from two selected farms; milled in a plant owned by the Company, at times handcrafted and dried in "Cirillo" method static chambers... Slowly, at low temperatures. The result is a hearty, compact, pasta to bite; whose rough surface seduces sauces and palates - telling, succesfully, History and cultural richness of a naturally vocated area.