• Acquerello Rice aged 7 year, 500gr.

    Acquerello Rice aged 7 year, 500gr.

    Producers of Happy Rice.

    Acquerello: Italian for "watercolor". Imagine a pastel sky mirroring in the flooded rice fields, nuanced colors of mosquitoes, and spikes of rice. Here the best risotto rice in the world is born to fill plates in homes and three-star restaurants worldwide.



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    Acquerello: a watercolor of skies mirroring in the shiny flooded ricefields: nuanced tones of mosquitoes, spikes, a late June afternoon.

    This the sight at Colombara, rice farm where the most prized among all Vercelli's Carnaroli is produced; the Rondolinos' Acquerello. Happy grains only, at the Colombara: organically grown according to the systems of seasonal rotation, as soon as they're harvested... They rest.

    Rice aging, 1 to 7 years long, helps the grain to make protein stucture stronger; that is to tighten up, lose less starch, retain better both condiments and cooking: only by then the product will be helix-peeled (the priciest rice-refinement method - but the slowest, and most respectful of the grain's health) and reintegrated, according to a process patented by the company, of its gem - the nutritional "heart" of rice.

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    The 7-year long aging of rice, helps the grains to tighten their proteic structure: that is to become firmer, lose less starch, and absorb seasonings better - while keeping more steadily texture as they cook: all of this makes Acquerello the Carnaroli rice best fit to prepare close-grained risottos, perfectly firm to the bite, featured with a velvety and creamy smothering.