• Principato di Lucedio's Vialone Nano Rice, 500gr.

    Principato di Lucedio's Vialone Nano Rice, 500gr.

    Little Poet

    Compared to its 'big brother' Carnaroli, Vialone Nano's grain are shorter. Still, they're equally rich in amylose so to hold up to cooking without getting pasty. Vialone is hence ideal both for risotto and for preparations needing well-detached grains (soups, salads)... And produced with Principato di Lucedio's care.


    The Lucedio Abbey, in Trino, Vercelli area: ihere in the XV Century the Cistercian monks first introduced in Italy the cultivation of rice. Through an history rich in vicissitudes, having undergone the Papal and the Napoleonic domination thanks to its strategic position along the Francigena road, it is today a flourishing farm engaging in the production of extraordinary rices: the vocation of the area, together with the low-impact agricultural strategies and a centuries-long know-how, allow Principato di Lucedio's rices to be the history-flavouredplus to make any risotto taste perfect.