White figs jam, Si.Gi., 220gr.

Crispy Silk

There's almost no added sugar as figs are naturally of the sweetest. Tickling grains embrace the tongue in this concoction by Si. Gi. based on an ancient cultivar from Marche. It’s perfect for pies, stuffed cookies, and can also compliment the spicy feeling of blue and aged cow cheeses.

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A dynamic and captivating body for this farm/company: a vivid image reaching out to the future, design packaging, an in-depth and extensive communicational campaign. Still the soul is ancient: Si. Gi.'s production brings to light the most traditional of preserves from the countryside of central Italian Marche region; often reconstructing lost, archaic recipes. Such as brodo di giuggiole (a fortified wine aromatized with jujubes), sapa (a slowly condensed Trebbiano grapes syrup), visciole al sole (sun-dried sour cherries in natural syrup); or any of the indigenous fruit varieties skillfully crafted into rural jams, whose voice can tell in a contemporary fashion the tale of an otherwise long-gone past.