• Confettura extra di fichi e limoni di Sorrento, Casa Barone, 230gr.

    Confettura extra di fichi e limoni di Sorrento, Casa Barone, 230gr.


    A sweet and playful fig base meets sfusato lemons from Sorrento in this jam invented over a light and stimulating balance that’s as mineral as a sea breeze. Pair it with aged cheeses and breakfasts on sunny terraces.

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    Casa Barone is the biggest organic farm inside the Vesuvio National Park: 11 hectares of volcanic soil and richly-ripening fruits, fed by those vigorous lands. Engaged in the protection of the landscape, biodiversity and gastronomic heritage; Casa Barone is involved in the recovery of ancient cultivars to be saved from extinction, of traditional and strictly local preparations (pomodorini del Piennolo - tomatoes bound in clusters and semi-dried; jams from delicate Vesuvio apricots, or Monte Somma cherries), as well as more generally in the advocacy of all the area dominated by the quiescent, majestic volcano.

    From Casa Barone's official website: "Making our workers understand that an oak or a broom, an elm or a silver poplar, were not a nuisance to all agricultural activities but a landscape value that, sooner or later, would have translated into an economic counterpart; was a major part of the work in these years. Farming on the Vesuvio, respecting, protecting and using the indigenous plants and fruits, also means to respect and value the agricultural history of the area: that is, to practice a 'terroir farming'. "