Sicilfrutti Prickly Pear Jam, 390gr.



Entirely Mediterranean. The Prickly Pear, that wild, grumpy plant, its silhouette fighting against a background of cerulean sea and climbing up the dried out rocks. But we treat it with respect as it discloses a unique sweetness, in turn becoming this jam. A fine suggestion of ours would be to try and substitute this to apricots in a Sacher Torte.


In 1998 Pistacchio di Bronte was not yet all this matter of chatter, or after all really a popular product. Vincenzo Longhitano though, owner and manager at Sicilfrutti, already believed: the company was born. It becomes today a leader in the top-end confectionery, focusing on the processing of stictly the best certified ingredients. Only real Pistacchio di Bronte, pizzute almonds from Avola, Sicilian blood oranges; carefully controlled and processed for a genuinely elevated quality target.