Alicos Ciliegino and Datterino Tomato Sauce, 1L


The first time I uncapped a bottle of Alicos sauce I was taken away to Sicily. It had carried me back to country homes, lunchtimes, steaming pots, basil bushes, and boxes of tomatoes. I was surrounded by family and old furniture. Lunch was ready, a lunch from years past. Let the scent take you to a special place.


We have a fixation, here at Gourmet Italy: with every product, we want to bring you the scent of peculiar atmospheres; a seduction able to carry you away whenever you open a box, a bottle, a jar. We want to give you live impressions, colors from other places, genuine memories becoming a present reality - vivid brushstrokes of Italian gastronomic life. Alicos is a company from Salemi (TP) greatly helping us with such deals: in the bottles of Cherry Tomatoes Sauce it brings smells of a secret Sicily, deep with red sweet spheres, a freshness of basil only surviving in specific homes; familial fireplaces where old ladies guard the secrets of Ingredients, the careful preparation, and ancient tricks of the trade.