Sicilfrutti shelled Pistachio Bronte, 100gr.

Green Gold.

Pistacchio di Bronte at its best: pure. Not roasted, not salted, not altered in any way. Harvested. Shelled. Packed. Certified. Shipped to you. Not sure how it might differ from any other nut? Try them and be raptured.

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In 1998 Pistacchio di Bronte was not yet all this matter of chatter, or after all really a popular product. Vincenzo Longhitano though, owner and manager at Sicilfrutti, already believed: the company was born. It becomes today a leader in the top-end confectionery, focusing on the processing of stictly the best certified ingredients. Only real Pistacchio di Bronte, pizzute almonds from Avola, Sicilian blood oranges; carefully controlled and processed for a genuinely elevated quality target.