• Bera Vittorio&Figli Moscato d'Asti DOCG, 0,75L

    Bera Vittorio&Figli Moscato d'Asti DOCG, 0,75L

    Cesare Pavese, Naturally.

    Taken care of by the Beras, this Moscato DOCG is entirely organic. It autoclave-ferments on its indigenous yeasts gaining subtle bubbles. Notes of white peach and spearmint, a noticeable but not overwhelming sugar residue, give back dignity to a historical grape which among others has been the most mistreated by the mass retail system.


    At times, the first-hand, felt words of a person about an activity or an experience can communicate more than any eulogy.

    We leave you, then, to the presentation of this winery that has redesigned one of the grapes that mass market most has ill-treated and banalized - Moscato d'Asti - as told through the words of its patron himself.

    "We have always been vignerons and, forever since, our family has been strongly attached to the Asti hills. Thin, miserly hills: but splendidly vocated to high-quality wine production. In the old chronichles one might read:
    "the major yield of these lands is wine, resulting delicate and perfect, major employment for the residents who from winemaking can make up enough for a living".

    In 1758 our ancestor Giovanni Battista Bera bought some vineyards in Canelli, once belonging to the Knightly Order of Malta, hereby moving the family residence. Since then we kept cultivating that same estate, and personally transform the grape we produced to wine. This sense of continuity brought us, as early as in 1964, to the choice of organic production as our philosophy of life. Today Bera Vittorio e Figli manages in a strictly familiar way the 10 hectares we own in Canelli, in the heart of the most classic and renowned Moscato d'Asti production area. Vines are tended according to the most strict organic regulations, the compliance to whom is certified by ICEA. The “naturality” we adopt in the field is then stubbornly prosecuted in the cellars: our wines are made according to traditional concepts, and with a strong denial of modern interventionist practices - such as the use of selected yeasts, enzimes, concentrations."