• Calabretta Nonna Concetta 2009, 0,75L

    Calabretta Nonna Concetta 2009, 0,75L

    Thick vines.

    Crafted originally and cared for using traditional methods, these grapes aren’t “cut” with vitis americana rootstocks. They’ve been growing on Mount Etna for almost a century. This organic Nerello Mascalese offers a nose of wild strawberry, honey, and quartz. It’s a structure of tannins that’s reminiscent of some piedmontese Nebbiolos, deserving long agings.


    The Volcano! A'Muntagna! Eruptions, dangers, cities erased but a love, and a trace of sublime bond the eastern Sicilians to Etna. Face of nature, serene and cruel with generosity, it has a face dark and sharp, fierce - and a soil, black... Vines grow peculiar: mineral with sulphur and ashes, with late-ripening bunches because of the wide temperature range. This is Nerello Mascalese climbing across the slopes - in rows crooked by the unevenness of the paths. People is thankful, to the Mountain: when everything is fertile and rich, and with the right care they can carve an Eden out of it. The mountain, fot the sake of its twofold nature, threatens and protects: those very vines, for instance, she kept them apart from phylloxera; which could not penetrate the porous rocks and rot to those plant the rootstock. Calabretta produces today Etna traditional wines re-thought in the organic key, working bicentennial ungrafted vines whose fruits are trasformed with the sole use of indigenous yeasts.