• Occhipinti SP68 Bianco, 2011, 0,75L

    Occhipinti SP68 Bianco, 2011, 0,75L

    Sensory walks, along the dry-stone walls road

    For this organic taste, picture its indigenous sun-washed soils full of minerals with calcium terrains dusted with red sands. It’s an Albanella from Ragusa ‘rounded’ with a small Moscato percentage. Fermented by indigenous yeasts, it shines with a slender body oscillating between citrus, white fruits, balsamic, and vegetable echoes.


    Who's behind the Occhipinti wineries? Arianna. Succesful entrepreneuse: sicilian, just turned 30. If there were three more Ariannas, in Italy; all issues related to youth occupation, women career, southern backwardness of Bourbonist memory would be solved - or at least they'd have a role model to find solutions... If there were eyes such as Arianna's, able to look to vineyards, to land, to cultural heritage meeting the sincere spirit of innovation; perhaps there would not be crisis - but a new economy, and the wines we drank would be more friendly, close, perhaps better. We leave you to her words:


    "I live in Vittoria and I love what I do, wine, vineyard, dry-stone walls, the dry grass, my parched soils. Sun rising early in the morning above those Monti Iblei I see from my county, Fossa di Lupo, as the sun blushes in layers and the warm light spreads thorugh the rows. This is what I live, what the wine lets me live. And this is what I wish I'll do forever. I love the grapes of this land, Frappato and Nero d'Avola, i find myself in their expression, in their being opposites in harmony. I love the strenght they have, which makes them able to carry inside together a future and a past."

    - Arianna Occhipinti -