• Radikon Oslavje 'Fuori dal tempo' 2000

    Radikon Oslavje 'Fuori dal tempo' 2000


    It was 1985 on the Friuli region of Collio, along a cliffside of marls and sandstones between San Floriano and the Isonzo river. Stanko Radikon, already owning a successful winery, is working on ribollas and tokajs when in June a powerful hailstorm decimates the bunches; leaving alive just a few. Those grapes lost every acidity: one could intervene by adding tartaric, right, but the quantities to use would turn out excessive... With a shocking decision (and an equally shocking Product), Radikon decides not to intervene on the ways Earth has decided to adopt; not to overlap on the tale that vintage wants to tell. It's the beginning of a revolution: a farewell to barriques in favor of big woods, then the fermentation in oak tuns, long macerations on the skins taking wine to surprising results: bodily whites, ripe and mature, tinted with animal feelings. Last come the total abandonment of added sulphites in the cellar, in the vineyards of any kind of chemical treatment: it's still '97, speaking of 'natural' wines still science fiction. but there's who, Rooted in the spirit of his land, already pursues a quality-inspired philosophy in a passioned, spontaneous, complete way.